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Mt. Elgon History and Cultural Museum

The museum showcases culture from different parts of Bugisu and other regions of Uganda. Among the objects displayed include items such as head gears and tools that are used during the Imbalu, the traditional circumcision for young men to transition into adulthood.



Mr. Francis Wanyina
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Bitsenze (jingles), four or five worn on the thighs by circumcision dancers and offer rhythmic sounds along the music and songs to signal to ancestors and the living a message of impending ritual.

Kumwendo (gourd) is the most important container in Masaaba culture that carries local brew called busela/kamalwa that is sprinkled on the circumcision candidate and also for sprinkling liquid on children in naming ceremonies and other rituals.

Liabi (traditional belt) It consists of tsisimbi (cowries) madongo (beeds), bushinga (small tails), lishelo (skin). It is used as belt around the waist of a person who is going to be circumcised.

Ikwena is a hippo tooth worn around the forehead of the circumcised dancer as decoration.

This three legged stool is a seat of honour ((Shitsolongo) and also a symbol of respect. A woman or uncircumcised male are not allowed to sit on it. A male heir alone may sit on it but a female heir sits on a mat.

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