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The Great Lakes Museum

Great lakes museum is located along Kabale mbarara highway in Rwahi trading center in Ntungamo District. It was started in the year of 2015. It is a cultural museum consisting of different artifacts from are the Ankole and Kigezi regions. There are also artifacts from DR Congo and South Africa.


A pygmies’ house: The pygmies (Batwa) . These represent the traditional homesteads for the Batwa community, a minority group in Western Uganda

The serving plates/ Amahungu: These are special plates for the bride or wife and groom or husband used on the wedding days and other ceremonies. These plates were made out of wood before plastic and metals in 1920s.

In home steads, the husband, wife and children never shared plates.

These plates were differed in size like the wife’s serving plate was big in size and short but curved down for touching while carrying food , the husbands serving plate was small but tall in size without a handle while for children were very small and short plates but all made out of wood.

Chisels and Axes / Empasha or Empango.

These tools were made out of iron and the handles made of wood. They were produced by iron smelting by the Bakiga people.

Metals were put in fire and heated until it melts and can be easily curved like the chisels using a metallic hummer. These tools were so hard and could last so long for over 10years.

The chisels were used for making the brewing troughs, canoes and Etc. whereas the axes were used for cutting down big wood and also splinting fire wood. These tools were commonly used by the agriculturalist most especially the Bakiga people from Western Uganda who could make the local beer in brewing troughs.

A frying pan/Orugusyo: Peas , Ground nuts could be fried on this broken bottom part of a pot.

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