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Koogere Foundation Museum

The museum is stocked with artifacts and literature about Tooro’s past and present for educative purposes and leisure (tourism). It targets students of all levels local and foreign, families, tourists, among others. Our curator is always available to take visitors through explaining artifacts and the necessary information about Tooro’s past


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This is a cupboard for gourds(ebisahi) set of different items:   that cross stick where we hanged other items it is called omugamba and what we used to hang the gourds is called ebiteeko and the items hanged those two calabashes the small one is called akalere which used for drinking milk called Amacunda (yougat ) then the big calabashe is used to prepare yougat and the same time cow ghee then the two are gourds made from wood and the two also are milk serving pots made from Clay that round ones. Then those white things which is in between the gourd and the basket we call them ebifunga which is made from purpirious stem(esisa) and that round basket we call them engata z’ebyanzi then the small baskets are for coffee beans. There is cow skin/ hide carpet (enkeeto)and mat (omukeka) then the green grass which is under the gourds is called ( eteete) and the grass on the floor for decoration is called obugara it’s the purpirious flowers not to get lost again.

This is a decorated calabashe(omusisi ogusembere) it is used during introduction ceremony and they take them in even numbers

This is a calabashe which is totally different from others and it has a local name called ENDEMBEZI in our culture it was very useful element during some one got disappearing misteriously when comes back they use ENDEMBEZI to make rituals so that the person not to get lost again.

Traditional sandles was made from wood and the traditional name is EMITALIBANDA these sandles were not used to everyone it was for the kings and other wealth people

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