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Igongo Cultural Museum

The museum preserves and showcases the cultural and natural heritage of the people of South-western Uganda. At the museum you will be able to see different sections related skills; family and community; clans and social organisations. Linked to the museum is a 5-star country hotel, a traditional restaurant,. bar, craft shop and beautiful gardens.



Moses Kashure
Telephone: +256 392722829 / +256 784 577 131‬
Other contact: P.O.BOX 512, Mbarara
Email: mkashure@igongo.co.ug / jtumusiime2004@yahoo.co.uk
Website: www.igongomuseum.co.ug


This is a typical bakiga(kiga) homestead. It shows how people in Kigezi lived and established their homes.
It also showcases how polygamous families were set.

The major buildings were the house of the family head, wives and grownup sons and other family members.
The other structures were granaries, shrines and animal shelters.

This is a sculpture of Muguta ya butaho, the brave warrior who fought so many wars in southwestern region of this country. 

He is also known for being victor in a war between Nkore and Buhweju who were fighting for one beautiful cow called Mayenje ga ishinjo.

This sculpture of a munyankole woman showcases how the Banyankole women’s fashion in the past.

It also shows different features of a model Munyankole woman.

This musical instrument is called Enshungyezi. It is used with a dry banana fiber to produce sound

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