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Bugungu Heritage and Information Centre

Bugungu Heritage and Information Centre is located in Western Uganda, Bunyoro Sub-region, Buliisa District. The Centre was established to ensure that cultural heritage, Environment, Human rights of the Bagungu People are preserved and protected.


Mr. Wilson Kiiza

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Mutogoolo (granary for grains)

Use: it is used for storing food such as groundnuts and other grains. The food stored in it are used as seeds for planting in the following season as well as for consumption.

Made from: Mwaru grass

Kipindo kya Ngugu

Kipindo kya Ngugu (hippo spear)

Use: it is used for hunting hippos. The end of the spear is made in hook form so that after spearing the hippo it gets stuck in its body and the hunters follow it using the float (mugaza) tied to the spear.


Lwoho – wooden plate

Use: it is a bowl where fish sauce is served. Made from mukunkulu tree. The fish was spread in the bowl vertically and everyone was expected to eat a piece that was facing him or her without his hand crossing to his neighbours’ side


Kiddeku- (calabash)

Bagungu served drinking water and traditional brew in a calabash and for drawing water from wells. They are planted and sometimes they grow in the wild. They are harvested and cut horizontally into two pieces.

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